Re-assessment is a more direct process designed to assess key safety skills, changes in legislation and standards over the 5 year period of existing certification.

The written assessment is significantly reduced as a consequence and appliance assessments are based on a safety inspection rather than covering installation, commissioning and servicing.

As such typically CCN1 and 4 appliances can be achieved in approximately 4 days rather than the 6/ 7 days it would be under the initial assessment process.

To be eligible for the re-assessment process you must hold a valid ACS for those assessments you wish to attend.

(You can also take re-assessment Training & Assessment if your ACS has expired in less than 12 months).
Proof of qualifications is essential. If you are unable to provide previous qualification certificates your place on the course may be jeopardised. If you have lost your old certificate we can help locate a copy from your previous training centre.

MOT Style Assessment

The MOT has been designed to help save time for busy engineers.

In order to reduce the ‘peaks and troughs’ associated with ACS and to encourage installers to book assessments early a new system has been introduced to allow installers to be assessed up to 6 months before their current ACS expires.

This gives engineers time to ensure their registrations do not lapse due to expired ACS and it follows on from the old expiry date, this means that you do not lose time on taking the course.  We recommend that engineers do take this opportunity as it can take up to 20 days for the certificates to be produced which could leave them unqualified and working illegally.

By choosing this option you are also eliminating the risk of having to pay the initial Gas Safe Registration Fee as appose to the update fee.