Gas Training Courses

There are many different qualifications available for gas operatives, plumbers and of course those looking for a brand new career! Please find below our range of courses. When looking for a training centre, it is important to know that the training centre belongs to the best industry organisations:

Accreditations, affiliations and memberships:


Our Gas Courses

CCN1 – Domestic Natural Gas Safety

CENWAT1 – Central Heating Boilers & Instantaneous Water Heaters

CKR1 – Domestic Gas Cookers

HTR1 – Gas Fires and Wall Heaters

MET1 – Domestic Gas Meters

CPA1 – Combustion Performance Analysis

HWSS – Hot Water Systems and Safety (Replaces Unvented)

COCN1 – Commercial Core Natural Gas Safety Initial

COCN1 – Re-Assessment

CODNCO1 – Commercial Core Changeover – can be taken if CCN1 already held

ICPN1 – First Fix Commercial Pipework

TPCP1 – Soundness Test/Purge over 1 meter cubed

TPCP1A – Soundness Test/Purge below 1 meter cubed

CIGA1 – Install First Fix Commercial Indirect Fired Appliances

CORT1 – Install First Fix Commercial Overhead Radiant & Tube Heaters

CDGA1 – Direct Fired Gas Appliances

BMP1 – Commercial Gas Booster Course

CMDDA1 – Carbon Monoxide/Dioxide Atmosphere & Appliance Testing

Coming January 2020 – Essential Electrics & Heating Controls