Gas Training Courses

There are many different qualifications available for Gas Operatives needing to renew their gas qualification and to increase their range of scope.  Please find below our range of courses. When looking for a training centre, it is important to know that the training centre belongs to the best industry organisations:

Accreditations, affiliations and memberships:


Our Gas Courses

CCN1 – Domestic Natural Gas Safety

CENWAT1 – Central Heating Boilers & Instantaneous Water Heaters

CKR1 – Domestic Gas Cookers

HTR1 – Gas Fires and Wall Heaters

MET1 – Domestic Gas Meters

CPA1 – Combustion Performance Analysis

HWSS – Hot Water Systems and Safety (Replaces Unvented)

COCN1 – Commercial Core Natural Gas Safety re-assessment

CODNCO1 – Commercial Core Changeover Re-assessment & Initial – please note for initial CODNCO1 a minimum of 12 months experience alongside a fully qualified commercial gas engineer is required

ICPN1 – First Fix Commercial Pipework

TPCP1 – Soundness Test/Purge over 1 meter cubed

TPCP1A – Soundness Test/Purge below 1 meter cubed

CIGA1 – Install First Fix Commercial Indirect Fired Appliances

CORT1 – Install First Fix Commercial Overhead Radiant & Tube Heaters

CDGA1 – Direct Fired Gas Appliances

BMP1 – Commercial Gas Booster Course

CMDDA1 – Carbon Monoxide/Dioxide Atmosphere & Appliance Testing


Water Regs


Coming January 2020 – Essential Electrics & Heating Controls